The king who loved too much

A king fell head over heals in love with a poor but beautiful girl of the people. He ordered that she be brought to his palace because he really wanted to marry her. But, strangely, the girl got seriously ill the very day she entered the palace of the king. She grew steadily weaker and weaker.

The best doctors in the kingdom were called but they could do nothing. The poor girl hung between life and death. In desperation, the king offered half of his kingdom to the person who could cure her. But nobody came forward.

At last a wise old man came to the king and asked to speak to the girl on her own. After this conversation, he was received by the king, who had been waiting anxiously."Your majesty" said the wise man, "I have an infallible cure for your promised wife. It will be a very painful cure… Not for her, but for your majesty!"

"Tell me what it is" cried the king. "She shall have it, no matter what it costs!" The wise man looked the king straight in the eye and said: "The girl is in love with one of your soldiers. Give her permission to marry him and she will get better immediately." The king was silent for a few moments. He loved the girl too much to let her die. He agreed to the marriage between the girl and the soldier.

Naturally the girl got better. But the king became sadder each passing day and soon he was at the point of death. The wise old man, who had cured the girl, was called again. The old man came to the king's bedside, but he shook his head sadly and murmured: "Poor king! There is no cure for him, because there is no one to love him as he loves!"

And that is why God had to die on earth. There is no one who loves as he loves.