The Apples

A group of young managers who had just finished a week's refresher course, were running along the corridors of the airport. It was Friday evening and they all wanted to get home for the weekend.
They were very late. Their flight had already been called some time ago.
Clinging to their briefcases, tickets and passports, they ran through the airport corridors.
Suddenly and unintentionally, two of them bumped into the stall of a fruit seller and knocked over a basket of apples.

The apples spilled out and rolled all over the floor.
Without stopping, or looking back, the young men continued to run and they all managed to get onto the plane.
All except one.

This man stopped because he felt sorry for the owner of the fruit stall.
He shouted to one of his companions to tell his wife he would be in on the next flight.
He went back to the terminal and saw that all the apples were still scattered.
He was really surprised when he realised that the stall-keeper was a little blind girl.
The girl was crying, with great tears running down her cheeks.
She was feeling the floor, trying, in vain, to gather her apples, while the crowds passed by without stopping. No one took the least bit of notice of what had happened.
The man got down on his knees with her and set about collecting the apples and then helped her to set up her stall again.

While he was doing this, he noticed that many of the apples had been damaged in the fall. He took them and put them in a basket.
When he had finished, he took out his wallet and said to the child: "Are you OK?"
She smiled and nodded.

The man put a hundred euro note in her hand. Then he said: "Take this, please. It will pay for the damage we have done. I hope we did not ruin your day."
The young man began to move away but the child called: "Sir…"
He stopped and turned to look into her sightless eyes.
She continued: "Are you Jesus?"

He stood dumbstruck, turning round a few times, before setting off again to catch his flight, with this question ringing in his ears and burning in his heart: "Are you Jesus?"

Do people sometimes mix you up with Jesus?