The Best Son

Three women got talking with a very wise old man as they were coming out of the supermarket one day. Each of the women was carrying very heavy bags as they walked up a long street to the bus-stop.

"How are your getting on?" the old man asked.
"My son is doing brilliantly" said the first woman. "He is so good at gymnastics that his coach is sure he will be picked for the Olympic team".
"My son too is doing really well" said the second. "He is studying music and they say he will soon be cutting his first CD."
The third woman hesitated a little then she said, "My son has no extraordinary gifts like those you have described. What I can say, though is that he is a good lad. I suppose he is just like so many others."

When they were passing a small park, they paused for a few minutes, left down their bags and sat on a roadside bench for a rest. Just then the three boys they were speaking of came along and greeted their mothers.

The first said proudly, !Mother, let me show you the new back-flip I have learned.! And there on the footpath he performed a most amazing piece of gymnastics. Everyone clapped and commented on his agility and timing.

The second, not to be outdone, offered to sing his latest song. The song was so beautiful they commented, "He sings like an angel!" and gave him too a warm applause.

The third boy bent down, picked up his mother's shopping bags and saying "they are very heavy and you look tired" he set off in the direction of the bus stop followed by his empty-handed companions.
"Well," said one of the women to the old man, "what do you think of our sons?"
"Sons" the old man repeated, "I only saw one son."