A high range of mountains with an abundance of glaciers and rivers, marked the border between two countries. They were nearly impossible to cross. The two countries were almost like twins, inhabited by people who were alike in almost everything and therefore almost always in conflict with each other.

The two peoples clashed strongly in every field, from the economy to the diplomatic area, to sport.
With these two peoples so close to each other, war seemed inevitable.
The commanders of the two armies sent secret agents to find out where it would be easiest to attack the enemy.

The messengers from both sides came back with exactly the same findings.
"There is only one point on the borders of our two countries where this would be possible."
The generals, on both sides, smiled in satisfaction and pointed to the map.
"This is where we will strike with our well equipped armies!"
They were already imagining the sound of the armed cars, the firing of the artillery, the joy of a quick victory, the glory and the medals.

However, the secret agents on both sides showed that they had some difficulty with the plan.
"In exactly that place, there lives a small, hardworking farmer, in a little house, together with his lovely wife. They really love each other and it is said that they are the happiest people on earth. They have one child. If we were to cross their farm and set up camp near them, we would certainly destroy their happiness."

The smile faded from the faces of the generals. They were silent and disconcerted.
"We cannot start this war" they all said together, on both sides of the border.
And so the war was never declared.

There is only one place in the world that can make every kind war, violence and aggression impossible and that is at the centre of your heart.