Opening of our Centenary Year 1920-2020

Opening of our Centenary Year 1920-2020
December 08, 2019

The responses to the celebration were very positive. People enjoyed the liturgy, the gathering, the catching up and  the food. Yesterday was a challenging day weather wise so we are doubly grateful that so many overcame the challenges of wind and rain to be present and thankfully all arrived home safely.
We are also mindful of those who had intended travelling but for various reasons could not join us yesterday. They were no less part of the celebration.

To all whose contribution added so much to our liturgy we are really grateful. People mentioned particularly the music, the representation from so many different areas, the rituals, the logos, the very positive atmosphere created by a common bond that unites us.  

Despite the unpleasant weather we were delighted so many made their way to Milford Gym for refreshments and enjoyed lovely food. It was very welcome at that stage. To Masterchef and to the staff of Milford school we are very grateful.

Thanks too to the Milford community. Their help in preparing for the liturgy and getting everything back in place afterwards was so generous.

And to the Liturgy group and so many individuals who helped in so many ways we are deeply thankful...words are insufficient.

Over the next number of days I am sure you will enjoy looking through photographs on our websites and facebook. I hope you will find yourself there! Thanks to the photographers....

The next event will be the Launch of the History of the Foundations of the Congregation in Ireland on Friday 28th February  2020. Sarah and Noelle are working overtime for what will be indeed a special edition. 

After that we look forward to the Brosna Re-union 29th March 2020

In the meantime enjoy your Christmas preparation. May Christmas, when it arrives be peaceful and restful.

The Centenary Group.