16 Days Campaign Day 9
Human Trafficking

16 Days Campaign Day 9<br>Human Trafficking
December 03, 2018

“Human trafficking is all around us, in all regions of the world... in practices of forced labour, sexual servitude, recruitment of child soldiers and other forms of exploitation.” Mr. Guterres, UN Secretary General. 

Mara’s Story

Mara lived in Moldova where it was difficult to find work. She heard there were great opportunities in Western Europe so jumped at the offer of a job in a bar. Mara quickly realised that she had been deceived and was now a victim of trafficking. She was bought and sold by traffickers who took her through Albania, Italy, France and England before she arrived in Ireland.

Here her passport and papers were taken from her and destroyed, and she was put to work in a brothel. Mara had to work all day and frequently into the night, receiving only food and shelter. If she did not obey, Mara was told her family in Moldova would be killed. Mara managed to escape and got the support and help she needed.


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