16 Days Campaign Day 14
Ownership and Objectification of Women

16 Days Campaign Day 14<br>Ownership and Objectification of Women
December 08, 2018

Women frequently face sexual objectification in daily interpersonal interactions and through the active and passive consumption of multimedia. This can lead to internalization of society’s scrutiny, resulting in habitual body monitoring and self-consciousness. In turn, it can increase feelings of body shame and appearance anxiety.

Laura’s story  

‘I was the victim of a crime as a teenager, at the hands of a man who sexually abused me for several years.  When I eventually told people about the abuse, some who were close to the abuser chose not to believe me. "Why didn't you fight him?" they asked. "Why didn't you scream? You've always been so outspoken - if it really happened you would have told us earlier!" I was branded a liar, labelled mentally unstable, and told I had got it all wrong. This blame left me feeling broken’.   


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