16 Days Campaign 2020 - Day 8
Girls Deprived of Education

16 Days Campaign 2020 - Day 8<br>Girls Deprived of Education
December 02, 2020

Education is a human right regardless of your gender. According to UNICEF, “When we educate a girl, we not only give her the tools and knowledge to make her own decisions and shape her own future, we also help raise the standard of living of her family and her community.”

Anya’s Story

Anya had worked in a factory for two years when she heard that she could learn to read and write in a literacy programme being held after work. She realised that as a child, she had been sent to the big city to work in a factory to earn money, so that her brothers could attend school.

When Anya became literate, she spoke about how she had felt ashamed because she had never gone to school. Anya tried to hide this from her companions at work. The literacy programme was very freeing. Anya no longer felt ashamed because now she could read and write and could join in with her companions at work. 


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