16 Days Campaign 2020 - Day 12
Women's Vulnerability to Climate Change

16 Days Campaign 2020 - Day 12<br>Women's Vulnerability to Climate Change
December 06, 2020

Leading Academics have warned that “A new obstacle has emerged in the battle for female equality, in the form of climate change. Global warming will inflict far more suffering on women than men, because they are more vulnerable to the floods, droughts and diseases that are expected to increase as the climate changes”.

Aregash’s Story 

“A woman’s life is hard, and climate change is making it harder,” says Aregash, a 32-year-old Ethiopian woman who lives with her six children in a small farming community. “Because of changing rainfall patterns, crop yields are suffering, and my family doesn’t have enough food. We used to get 500 to 600 kilos per harvest, but now we can barely get 100. It has never been like this. The only way we can raise our kids is from the land and if it fails to produce, there isn’t enough to feed them…” 


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